$550 Billion was stolen last year

According to statistics more the $550 Billion was stolen last year through the internet.

Did you know that 93%* of all Internet theft is done by a new type of threat? It’s called “KEYLOGGER”

To see more about this watch this ABC NEWS REPORT (8 minute video):


*93% of $550 Billion is $511 Billion that is a lot of money!



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I think it is safe to say that just about every computer in the world has anti-virus protection software; it will not be long that every computer will have CFA DEFENDER SOFTWARE!


Imagine a stranger standing over your shoulder watching you log in to your online bank account. This scenario plays out in the virtual world as cyber criminals virtually monitor keystrokes as you type on your computer keyboard. The monitoring occurs via applications called keyloggers. Clever criminals devise multiple methods to steal your information, though keylogging applications operate using similar principles.

Keylogging Definition:  A device or software that records keystrokes entered by a user, usually to secretly monitor and/or maliciously use this information.

A keylogger is a tool that captures and records a user’s keystrokes. It can record instant messages, email, passwords and any other information you type at any time using your keyboard. Keyloggers can be hardware or software.

A software keylogger can be downloaded and installed as a program running in the background. Software keyloggers may also be embedded in spyware, allowing your information to be transmitted to an unknown third party over the Internet.

Watch this ABC News Report on Keylogging (8 minutes): http://cyberwealth7.com/Chappy#the-problem



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